International Business Transactions

Offset obligors are invited to respond to any of the following opportunities:

GTS is working with two US shipyards that are procuring maritime materials form the following countries; Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Germany.They are always interested in identifying new sources to make competitive procurements. Please contact GTS if (1) you would like to discuss credit opportunities in the current countries and (2) if you have candidate suppliers that we should review their capabilities.

Tech Transfer Composites

A GTS client has unique expertise and capabilities in Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) of composites.They are willing to do a general technology transfer project with emphasis on designing and manufacturing a product determined by the organization receiving the technology.The client has developed aerospace applications. Click on this link to see the proposal.(650 KB Adobe Acrobat Document)

Angel Investment Opportunity
  • A startup company represented by GTS is looking for angel equity partners to invest in an Aviation Oxygen System that provides oxygen on demand, without the inconvenience of oxygen bottles.
  • The product has been flight tested and ready for manufacturing and marketing.
  • The principal has a track record of successfully starting new high tech companies.
International Procurements
  • GTS is working with several US companies that are procuring aerospace products from the following countries; United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, and South Africa.
  • The current procurements have not been associated with offset obligations.
  • Clients expect to increase their procurement activities during the next 12-24 months.
  • These procurements should meet the local guidelines under marketing assistance or export procurements.
High Tech License Opportunity
  • A US client of GTS is offering a wide variety of license opportunities involving wind turbine technology.
  • Depending on the application, location and power generation objectives, the licensee may obtain a license, leveraging offset credits if applicable.
  • Potential licensees include utility companies, power producers and large power users.
  • There also exists an opportunity to partner developing a demonstrator model.
  • A project suitable for a foreign university to participate in a leading edge technology.
  • For more information, click here.631 KB file- You may get a network security dialogue box, a bug in Microsoft Office 2000. (If you hit cancel, you can then view the document.)
Machining / Manufacturing Tech Transfer
  • This opportunity involves providing the foreign company machining and process tecnologies that will help them be globally competitive.
  • Technology holder also has a large amount of work to place, if the local company can be competitive.
  • This program also supports a local company that has current workloads that they want to accomplish more efficiently (reduce leadtimes and generate higher margins).
  • This concept has been successfully implemented by the technology partner, but involves a lot of effort from the local company if they expect to be competitive in the current marketplace.
Venture Capital

GTS has partnered with several Venture Capital organizations to provide a wide range of financial services for companies exploring the global marketplace. There are opportunities to use offsets as part of a financing package that will support our client’s business objectives.

Software Licensing Opportunity
  • A high tech startup company is looking for partners to acquire their 3D software technologies with the objective to produce applications for the local marketplace.
  • Leveraging offset to fund the training and the tech license enables a local company to gain new technologies and deliver leading edge products for the web, as well as other commercial applications.
  • This software is also used for modeling and simulation in military applications.For more information, visit the company’s site.

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