Welcome to Global Trade Solutions

Global Trade Solutions facilitates international offset trade between three groups, each of whom benefits from the transaction:

  • Foreign governments,
  • Large international corporate sellers,
  • Corporations who buy goods or setup plants internationally.

Large corporate sellers typically incur trade obligations to foreign governments to “offset” the transfer of cash outside their country. GTS assists all parties to find international corporations to satisfy these trade obligations

For example, the process can start with the sale of aircraft and aircraft engines to a foreign country. As a condition of the sale, the foreign government will often set up an Industrial Cooperation Program (ICP), requiring the seller to “offset” the outgoing cash by increasing trade with the country, or even increasing employment within the country. These obligations can fall outside the seller’s capabilities and/or core business. GTS can help ensure that these offset obligations will be met by finding corporations to satisfy the ICP requirements. Typically, there is a cash payment offered as incentive to companies who satisfy these offset obligations

International trade with offsets can be a win-win-win for all the parties.

  • Advantages to a foreign country include increased exports and/or increased employment at a higher skill level
  • Advantages to the large corporate seller is increased international sales and assistance with satisfying their offset obligations.
  • Advantages to the corporation who trades internationally is extra cash and assistance from the foreign government.