Current Opportunities

Global Trade Solutions facilitates International offest trade between three group, each of whom benifits from the transaction.:

  • Foreign governments,
  • Large international corporate sellers,
  • Corporations who buy goods or setup plants internationally.


World Map

South America Africa Africa Middle East Eourop North America Asia Australia
South America
As this region begins to procure new defense related equipment and large civil projects, GTS has been pro-active to develop third party opportunities for our obligor clients.We see Chile Brazil and Argentina developing strong industrial cooperation programs, along with Columbia.GTS is ready to assist clients today in Brazil and Chile and looking at future opportunities in other countries in this region.

GTS has over 20 years of experience in Asia, principally in Taiwan.Our long term relationships in Taiwan are invaluable in developing projects and networking with local companies and government agencies.GTS has the ability to deliver projects in Taiwan, to meet new obligations of GTS clients.GTS also has experience in India and Malaysia, working with a number of strategic partners and local associates.We also have potential export opportunities in South Korea that we believe can be applied to existing DPA obligations.

North America
GTS is on contract with over 20 US companies that have no offset obligations, or have excess transactions to provide obligors in over 15 countries.We work with these companies to place their international activities with other GTS clients who have industrial cooperation obligations.In many cases, GTS facilitates cashless transactions that allow companies to swap credits in order to efficiently utilize their global procurements.GTS is constantly looking to expand our network with US companies that see the benefits of leveraging their global procurements.We conduct various levels of offset training for new strategic partners in order to generate new revenues on their international activities.

Middle East
While GTS has completed successful transactions in this region, the current government guidelines focus on foreign investment and profitability of new companies presumably funded by obligors.These requirements tend to be accomplished by the obligors directly.

Historically, GTS has had limited presence in Australia, generally due to the local requirements to have self supporting capabilities for the defense equipment they buy.This approach tends to minimize the use of indirect offset activities to fulfill obligations.

GTS has successfully delivered South African (DIP) credits during the past 5 years.We see future opportunities to continue to deliver similar credits to new obligors.GTS also has NIP opportunities for new GTS clients that have current or future obligations.

Western European countries continue to buy defense related products that also bring new offset requirements for the foreign sellers.GTS has long term experience in Western Europe, delivering indirect offset credits to both European and US client obligors.Western Europe has seen a migration of their exports move to Eastern Europe, as well as India, China and now SE Asia.GTS is actively promoting opportunities that Western European countries can capitalize using their unique skills and resources.GTS has become active in Eastern and Central Europe as these countries join the EC and NATO.These countries have the potential to become globally competitive, if local companies can properly leverage their government’s industrial cooperation programs.GTS has initiated several opportunities via our strategic partners to transfer manufacturing technology to interested local companies who can gain support of their government offset authorities.