GTS Mentor Program

Collaborative Efforts to Enter New Markets and Increase Exports Given the difficulties of doing business overseas, how can mid-sized U.S. companies expand their product base for long-term growth? Global Trade Solutions, Inc. (GTS) has formed a Mentor Program to support companies that have a strategy to develop international markets for current products as well as developing new products for emerging markets.This company to company relationship would benefit both parties, in a wide range of commercial business opportunities.What kind of assistance can you expect?

Planning Phase
  • In Country Visits General background on your short list of Local, in-country, assistance possible countries to explore opportunities Set-up meetings Country Assessment Identify key players Industry Overview Assist in assessing market opportunities. Government Policies and Incentives Labor, Tax Data Objective – To identify specific opportunities to Mentor’s Experience & Lessons Learned support your strategies.To understand the various relationships that are possible (joint venture, Objective – To determine if expansion is viable licensing, collaboration, distributorship).
  • Company to Company Discussions Assistance in developing framework for successful negotiations, including identifying sources of finance Provide boilerplate documents for each stage of the relationship (Non-Disclosure, Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.)Mentor Selection Process GTS will assess each company’s application and look for meaningful matches with our wide range of businesses and technologies.Not every company will be selected.A screening process, to determine each company’s potential for success will be implemented.Timely feedback will be provided to all applicants.Costs to You Both parties would agree on a cost sharing structure prior to substantial activity.Generally, you would be expected to pay your own expenses.The basic value of GTS’s effort would be borne by GTS for non-cash considerations (offset credits) as appropriate.
  • The Next Step Is Yours If you want to be an international company selling “locally” instead of a U.S. company selling overseas, consider collaborating with a U.S. corporation with significant international experience and presence.Fax or email the Mentor Program for an application form.There are U.S. companies willing to provide assistance to your effort to develop international opportunities specific to your market and products.