IN-SPIRE Visual Document Analysis

A Proven Tool to manage large amounts of data

Global Trade Solutions, Inc. (GTS) has purchased the rights to license IN-SPIRE™ , on a global basis to all parties excluding the US Government.   That means GTS is able to provide the license along with training and maintenance options for all commercial businesses, foreign governments as well as all US and foreign universities.

Here is a brief video clip that explains the versatility and power of In-Spire

GTS has partnered with the individual that developed and implemented In-Spire over 10 years while employed at Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL).  We are able to provide setup and training as well as assist in how to optimize In-Spire to your own requirements.

Licensing Opportunities

GTS welcomes the opportunity to start a dialogue with interested parties and can individually tailor a license package that meets client’s specific requirements, on a commercial basis.

Offset Projects

Since GTS has over 30 years of experience in developing and deploying offset projects for clients in over 16 countries, we see the potential to build a project around licensing and training of the In-Spire product.  If you are a potential beneficiary in one of those countries, GTS can assist to find an obligor to fund the In-Spire license costs.  If you are an obligor, GTS will work with you to submit a project that allows an in country party (government agency, university or a commercial company) to receive the license and training in exchange for offset credits against your obligations.

More information can be found at the IN-SPIRE web site.