You have found the page with pictures from Fred and Kathy Johnson’s Family.  Between us, we have 5 children (Tim, Brad, Kristen, Jennie, and Andy) and 6 grandchildren (Grace, Maren, Caroline, Henry, Ellie, and Nolan).  Tim is married to Jen, Brad ‘s wife is Christine.  We will leave the siblings for another time.  We are Blessed with healthy, happy children and energetic, bright grandkids.  We have posted a few pictures of our Family from 2019.  There are also a couple “oldies” that bring back memories.   We are truly Blessed!!

We will try to remember to add new pictures throughout 2020.  Please send anything that you would like to see posted.  Please be sure to let us know if you are in the INDY area we would love to see you!!